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CraftLux Candle & Design Co.

Love At First Bite Candle Décor Set

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Treat yourself with Love At First Bite, a 20 oz scented candle with glass rhinestone vampire teeth on the front of the candle. This set is also accompanied by an 11 x 18 bling canvas art print. The 20oz soy wax vampire teeth scent with last approximately 75 hours, and doubles as home jewelry when its not lighting up your home!

Candle Contents: 20 oz highly scented candle. Choose your scent preference. Bling vampire teeth with matching bling lid. More than 500 glass stones used on candle holder to create ombre effect.

Bling Canvas Art: 11" x 18" glass framed canvas art. More than 15,000 glass stones used on lips to create a one of a kind piece of art work.

Colors used: Light Siam, Real Siam, Dark Siam: Siam=Red